The Hunted Allgovia

May 11th, 11. Mai 2019:

‘The Hunted: Allgovia’ is an indie film production set in Allgäu, South Germany.

Our vampire action comedy reached the amazing  75% of our goal, with the help of 15 backers at Indiegogo crowdfunding Campaign and through Paypal donations! The Indiegogo campaign has ended, but the project goes on.

Thank you Supporters! Vielen Dank an alle Spender!

We will post news mainly in our FB group, do monthly Indiegogo Updates, and few Instagram pics from now until the completion, estimated in early December 2019.

You can always help us in months to come, by donating through Paypal/Kofi button, the links are at the bottom of this page!

‘The Hunted: Allgovia’ is a German spin-off to the action/comedy original vampire seriesand feature film, The Hunted,                         

Deutsche Version: Es wird auch eine synchronisierte, deutschsprachige Version geben.

Wir brauchen Geld um dieses Projekt abzuschließen. Alle Spenden sind wilkommen! Der Trailer hierfür: – Videoproduktion aus dem Allgäu. Video, Werbevideos, Musikvideos, Imagefilm. Marktoberdorf, Ostallgäu. Video Marktoberdorf. Film Marktoberdorf.